Introducing the New FollowUpThen Referral Program

Affiliate Program For the Best Email Reminder


Help your friends and co-workers start 2016 on the right foot by introducing them to FollowUpThen. Anyone who signs up from your link gets a $5 credit toward a premium subscription. And, when they become a paying customer, you get a $5 on your account as well!

Visit your settings page to find a brand new affiliate section, complete with your very own affiliate link.

We're issuing a limited number of referral credits for now, which will probably increase depending on how things go and feedback. Read on for the full details. Continue reading "Introducing the New FollowUpThen Referral Program"

Improving Forwarded Emails

Have you ever hit 'send' on an email and realized you forgot to include a FollowUpThen address?

We're working on an experimental feature that would allow you to forward a message out of your inbox and receive a much more useful followup.

If you want to help create this feature, click this checkbox on your settings page. We'll handle the rest from there. You won't see much change in your followups yet, but you will be helping us build it by enabling it on your account.

Experimental Forwarding Features
Experimental Forwarding Features

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The Right Way to Follow-Up on Customer Complaints

We’ve all heard that old saying ‘The customer is always right’ and we all know that the customer is NOT always right! Customers often make completely unjustified complaints; so the question is – ‘what is the best way to deal with customer complaints: both real and unjustified’?
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The #1 Reason You Never Closed Your “For Sure” Buyer

Imagine this – you call a company to purchase a new software tool that will help your company by leaps and bounds. You have just a few questions, though, before you feel confident about presenting the idea to your boss and colleagues. When you call, you have the opportunity to speak with a wonderful salesperson who helps you get the best answer to your question. The salesperson also mentions that they have a guide that goes into further detail in answering your question. They commit to sending to you shortly after the call. You are very pleased and hang up the phone ready to receive the document and present the idea to your boss.

Minutes go by. Hours go by. Days go by. You never receive the document. Continue reading "The #1 Reason You Never Closed Your “For Sure” Buyer"

More Customization

Customize FollowUpThen to fit your workflow.
New customization options, better documentation.

Default Options

With the addition of one tiny input box on our settings page, we opened up a huge range of possibilities for customizing FollowUpThen to fit your workflow.

This new field on your settings page lets you apply an option to every followup scheduled.
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