A Better, Simpler Interface

FollowUpThen can do so much. Yet people love it because of its simplicity. Merging these two concepts into a user interface has been no small design challenge. After the screenshots and animations below, I share some details about the how we walked this line, our philosophy and general approach. But first, the highlights! Simpler Task […]

Meet your new, simpler followup assistant. Now in open beta!

🚀 The new FollowUpThen is now available in open beta. Billing limits have gone into effect. To migrate your account, log in with your existing username and password at app.followupthen.com. Feedback is welcome! In the past few months, we’ve completed hundreds of refinements and bug fixes. These include  performance improvements, pricing refinements, design changes, documentation […]

People, Delayed Sending, Bulk Actions, Performance Improvements and More

Our latest release to FollowUpThen V3 includes some of our most-requested features, performance improvements, and new ways to optimize your working relationships. Request an invitation to the beta here! People Personal reminders are handy – remembering to pay bills, adopting a new habit, and sending yourself inspirational quotes can make your day better. But in a […]

FollowUpThen 3.0 Preview

Summary: Skip ahead to the “Skills” section for screenshots and highlights, request an invitation to the private beta here or continue reading for the full backstory of the new FollowUpThen. We can’t wait to show you the new FollowUpThen. It is the product of years of feedback, dozens of productivity insights and a long journey […]

Use-Case: Dating and Relationships

If you talk to someone over some period of time, you’ll find yourself with this thing called a “relationship”. Relationships take many forms and range widely in complexity, intimacy and depth. Regardless, all of them boil down to a few essential elements which include communication over some period of time. The other day I found […]

Introducing Recurring Tasks ✔

Tasks (ex: 3days-t@fut.io) are email reminders that continue follow up until they are explicitly marked as completed.  We’re happy announce that recurring tasks are now supported. For example:  every1st-t@fut.io “Pay phone bill” everyApril1st-t@fut.io “Prepare taxes” everyJanuary1st-t@fut.io “Make New Year’s Resolutions” Free accounts can schedule up to 3 tasks per month. Premium accounts get unlimited tasks, […]