Make Time for Now

Some moments are more important than others – despite the messages in our inbox, the demands on our time and requests from colleagues. These moments still come, and they go.

FollowUpThen can be used for many things, but one of the most powerful may simply be this:

Making time for things that matter.

For the next 2 weeks we are removing limits on any emails forwarded, bcc'ed or sent directly to FollowUpThen (on all plans we offer, including the free plan).

So feel free to forward the noise our way (, or {any-time} so you can focus on the present.

The voices that matter the most right now are those that are logical, that can think systemically and that can think about long-term change. It gives me hope that these attributes describe our typical FollowUpThen user.

In the interest of starting meaningful conversations, I wanted to share one of our core values for FollowUpThen employees and team members:

FollowUpThen is a common chapter we share within each of our individual and unique stories. Just as we try to respect each other's time and attention, so do we respect each other's freedom to write our own stories. We only request that your story allows for the existence of other stories which, even if (very) different than yours, are no less valid.
Be aware of the mental trap of thinking that "different is wrong." Instead, recognize the value of being in an environment where everyone is free to be their own unique individuals with their own ideas and opinions, even if they are very different from anyone else's. This is the environment we hope to create for you, and that we hope that you will create for others.

We hope this temporary removal of followup limits helps make time to participate in peaceful and productive conversations about prejudice, intolerance and racism.

Published by Reilly Sweetland

Founder of FollowUpThen (YC S17). Likes productivity, efficiency, React, Node, and all things followed-up upon.