Improving Forwarded Emails

Have you ever hit 'send' on an email and realized you forgot to include a FollowUpThen address?

We're working on an experimental feature that would allow you to forward a message out of your inbox and receive a much more useful followup.

If you want to help create this feature, click this checkbox on your settings page. We'll handle the rest from there. You won't see much change in your followups yet, but you will be helping us build it by enabling it on your account.

Experimental Forwarding Features
Experimental Forwarding Features


To give you an example, let's say you have an email sitting in your inbox. You can forward that message to ''. A reminder would be scheduled as usual, but with this new feature, we would also be able to set up response detection, automatically canceling the reminder if anyone replies on the thread.

Without this functionality, we would not have been able to set up response detection or let you find that followup by the original sender's name. It was indistinguishable from a normal followup.

And..there are a few other ideas we have cooking that could make this feature extremely useful.

For now, we simply need data! Forwarded messages (lots of them) to see if we can tune our parser to extract this data.

Again, enabling this setting won't add much to your followups (yet), but it will help us build it.

One thing to note – this does require additional parsing of the body of your emails – we need to parse out the "------ Forwarded message ---- " lines of text that appear at the top of a message when you forward it. Also, we have to temporarily log some of your forwarded emails in a non-encrypted area so we can see how to improve our algorithm.

If you're interested in helping us build this feature more quickly (which we hope you are!), enable this on your settings page.

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