Use-Case: Dating and Relationships

If you talk to someone over some period of time, you'll find yourself with this thing called a "relationship".

Relationships take many forms and range widely in complexity, intimacy and depth. Regardless, all of them boil down to a few essential elements which include communication over some period of time.

The other day I found myself in an interesting conversation with Hayley Matthews, Editor in Chief at She wanted to know how FollowUpThen could help dating professionals (relationship coaches, owners of dating websites, etc) with their businesses. Our conversation resulted in this article on productivity tips for dating professionals.

During the conversation, I could not help but relay a few stories about users profusely thanking us for saving their relationships and, in multiple cases, their marriage.

One of our introductory videos was actually inspired by one of these relationship near-misses. It shows a Valentines day followup arriving just in time for the forgetful boyfriend/hacker to buy flowers. (The actual user story was a nearly missing an important anniversary).

As one of the creators of the FollowUpThen, I do not often think of it as a personal relationship tool. But – just as a hammer can be used to build a commercial building or a chapel, so can FollowUpThen be used to build a business, or a lasting, loving relationship.

As with many things in life the difference between "good" and "great" can come down the simple things, like remembering to say the right thing at the right time.

Thanks, Hayley for helping to keep things in perspective.

Published by Reilly Sweetland

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