There is an art to following up in sales – whether you are checking in with prospects or following up with clients. In either case, your message will be more well-received when you make it relevant for your prospect. Here are three ideas to help your sales followup emails shine:

  1. Find an interesting article that ties back to your original discussion. Review the notes from your original discussion. (Didn't take notes? Lifehacker's post on note taking techniques might help). Once you identify one of the prospect's key points of interest, spend a few minutes searching for a relevant article that may address their problem. This works particularly well if the article doesn't relate to what you're offering. That way it shows the prospect that you are genuinely interested in them – not just making a sale.

    Ex. Hi, Jane -- When we spoke the other day, you mentioned the challenges you faced locating a commercial HVAC system. When I saw this article [insert article URL], I thought of you. I hope you find it helpful.

  2. See what your prospect has been up to on social media. A little bit of digging on social media will reveal what your prospect has been up to since your last conversation. Even if it's a personal opinion, vacation or picture, mentioning their post builds more personal relationship.

    Ex. I saw you posted about your company's philanthropic initiatives with the United Way on your LinkedIn page. How is that campaign going so far?

  3. Make an introduction, where appropriate. If you're able to make the right introduction at the right time, you start to become a much more valuable relationship to your prospect. Your introduction has to truly be valuable to your prospect for this to work. This usually means getting permission from both parties being introduced.

    Ex. When we last spoke, you told me you were looking for a commercial HVAC contractor. I know someone who may be able to help you select a new unit for your office. He has 10 years experience in the industry. Did you want me to introduce you two?

What other creative ways do you followup to re-insert yourself into conversations with prospects?


Notepad Art by Stephen Dann, on Flickr

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