White label followups, flexible pricing, team accounts, Zapier and Google Calendar

This is the last major release before our open beta, which is right around the corner. The new FollowUpThen is flexible, stable, open and sets the stage for exciting things to come.

Here are the latest developments!

White Label Sending

At long last! Followups can now be sent from your own email address – without mention of FollowUpThen.

White label email followup

This feature applies both to cc followups, as well as delayed emails scheduled from the new web app.

The email shown here is how a followup might appear to your recipient using the traditional cc followup. The followup message can be customized in your settings.

The animation below shows following up from the web app – a new dimension for FUT. This is especially useful when combined with our new People feature. For example, while exchanging emails with people, you can tag people (see below). Later, when it's time to follow up, select them by tag (up to 20 recipients for now) and send a bulk, white label followup. Here are some examples:

Bulk followup from the new web app

Product release
Customers are asking for a new feature. As you exchange emails with them, tag the ones who are interested – Ex: p.widgetizer@fut.io (widgetizer is your tag). When your shiny new feature is ready, go to your People section, filter by tag and schedule a bulk, white label followup. (Remember the autocomplete feature of your email client. Physically, you just would just type p. and your various tags would autocomplete.)

Chasing up your team
You are planning an event. Several of your staff have roles independent of their normal duties. As you email them, tag them with their special role. You can even do this as part of another followup. For example: 3weeks-p.greeter@fut.io (this simultaneously tags them with greeter. It also sets a followup for 3 weeks). As the event approaches, select all of your greeters and send them a message.

Career moves, changing jobs, moving and other life events sometimes require more than just a LinkedIn or Facebook post. By tagging these close contacts, you can stay in better touch with the people who matter to you.

New Pricing: Fair and Flexible

Build your own plan

People new to FollowUpThen love it because it's simple and affordable. Power users love it because, with pro features, it works for the most demanding scenarios. In other words, FollowUpThen scales with your needs. Our new pricing model now works the same way:

  • Base Plan: We now have one, simple base plan for $4/mo paid annually.
  • Add-Ons: Response detection, white label sending and sms reminders can now be purchased á-la-carte from our Skills marketplace or as part of a package.

Read more about our new billing plans

In sum, if you're looking for a dead-simple simple reminder tool, look no further than the base plan. If your inbox needs are demanding enough to make an additional investment, you can browse the skills marketplace and install the exact skill that meets your needs – without incurring the cost or complexity of a one-size-fits-all upgrade.

Team Accounts: Fair and Individualized Pricing

Our new flexible pricing model is useful for individuals, but in a team environment, it opens the door to an entirely new model of enterprise productivity – one that is based on individualized tools, employee empowerment and flexible price points. This new model may even inspire your team members to become more productive. (No, really! ..keep reading)

Based on years of customer conversations, we know that inbox demands, workflows and productivity styles can be vastly different between team members – even for those who share the same role. A common factor for boosting productivity, however, is the decision to optimize.

Productivity is a mindset just as much as it is a piece of software. As many CIOs know, buying a piece of software for your team is not enough. Without the right mindset, the software goes unused.

That is why we created our team accounts around two key factors:

  1. The moment of discovery. Having an "ah-ha" moment about a productivity feature is far more likely to benefit a team member than forcing them to adopt a workflow or feature by managerial decree.
  2. Team member empowerment. The new system allows team owners to provide customized budgets for each team member. This not only increases autonomy (strongly correlated with job satisfaction), it helps foster a sense of personal investment into their own productivity workflow.

There are many other benefits to structuring plans in this way: The company does not have to weigh the complexities of one-size-fits-all plans, the company pays only for the budget used, and the employee is autonomous, invested, and retains control over their own productivity workflow. Everyone wins.

Read more about the new team plans and feel free to contact us if you are interested in bringing your whole team on board.

Team Account Listing

Google Calendar

Google Calendar <-> FUT syncing
We have had calendar synchronization for years. This is something much more. Our new native Google Calendar integration is a full two-way synchronization between FUT and Google Calendar. Now you can manage your future followups directly from your calendar by simply dragging and dropping events. If you postpone a followup via email or the web app, the changes now show up almost instantly in your calendar.  Try it out!.


Zapier is a powerful integrations platform which can connect FollowUpThen with thousands of other applications using their visual integration tools. If you are familiar with Zapier, you may already be imagining the possibilities: synchronizing your followups with your todo list, synchronizing your CRM, your address book, your invoicing system. So many possibilities! If you have never worked with Zapier and you are interested in automating and integrating your various tools, it is worth a look.  Try out the new Zapier skill!

Memorize (Spaced Repetition)

Memorization buttons
Last but not least is a simple, yet powerful new skill: Memorize. Sending an email to mem@fut.io will create a recurring followup using a memorization technique called spaced repetition.  In short, it adds increasing amounts of time between subsequent reminders as you (or someone else) begin to memorize something. This has shown great results for studying and memorizing facts, but it can do so much more. For example, let's say you just met a great new contact. How often should you follow up with them to make sure they don't forget about your product / service? 🤔 Try it out by sending an email to mem@fut.io

Get in touch

Feel free to send an email to help@humans.fut.io with any feedback, for team upgrade inquiries or just to say hi. A public release is right around the corner and we would be happy to hear from you.

Published by Reilly Sweetland

Founder of FollowUpThen (YC S17). Likes productivity, efficiency, React, Node, and all things followed-up upon.