People, Delayed Sending, Bulk Actions, Performance Improvements and More

Our latest release to FollowUpThen V3 includes some of our most-requested features, performance improvements, and new ways to optimize your working relationships. Request an invitation to the beta here!


Personal reminders are handy – remembering to pay bills, adopting a new habit, and sending yourself inspirational quotes can make your day better.

But in a team environment, one followup can make or break a new deal, project, product release, or an entire company.

Most followups are, in fact, related to another person in some way – sales, task delegation and project management are all team activities. FollowUpThen is great for tracking individual micro-tasks. But what about the times you needed to follow up, but you didn't realize it until that very moment? For example: Giving vendors a new mailing address, product announcements, or reaching out to colleagues before a conference.

This is why we decided to include People as a core resource in FollowUpThen.

Effortlessly manage people in your followups

Don't worry, this is not yet-another-out-of-date-contact-list. The people in this list are added automatically from the followups you schedule. People's names and emails are parsed out of the messages you send to FollowUpThen, including people in forwarded messages. This means the data entry is done for you.

Our goal is to help you follow up with the right people at the right time – without the effort.

Manage people from your email
  • View / manage people 
    Search and filter people, perform bulk actions (Ex: export them to your CRM, mailing list, etc.)
  • Manage people from your email (-p) 
    By adding -p to your date format (or adding it as a default option), you will receive additional information about the people in your followup. Try it now! Send or forward a message to
  • Follow up with people in bulk
    Select a subset of people and send a followup to them (or only to yourself about them) with just a few clicks.

Here are a few interesting workflows that are now available:

  1. Meeting agendas: Before meeting with someone, pull up their "People" page to view outstanding followups. Add notes, which will appear with your next followup.
  2. "By the way..." followups: Include -p in your date format to receive a list of other upcoming followups you have with that person.
  3. Bulk Followups: Sometimes, you need to follow up with a group of people only when a certain event happens, rather than a specific time. The new People tab lets you do exactly this.

We are excited to see how you use this new aspect of FollowUpThen.

Delayed Sending

One of our most requested features is finally available – the ability to schedule a followup to be sent at a later date, without sending any emails now.

Delayed sending lets you follow up with the right people at exactly the right time, and not a moment sooner.

There are two ways to schedule a delayed followup:

  1. Go to the Followups page and create a new followup message for "someone else."
  2. Go to the "People" tab, select the people you'd like to follow up with, then schedule your message.

There is even a "Preview" tab showing how the future email will look.

Note: white label sending is on our roadmap. Followup emails show your name as the "From" field, your email in the "reply-to," but the messages still come from "" (Required to avoid spam filters.)

Bulk Actions

Our new Bulk Actions utility lets you manage hundreds of future tasks and people with ease.

  • Going on vacation next week? Reschedule next week's followups with just a few clicks.
  • Export tomorrow's followups as a CSV for an easy to read agenda.
  • Quickly delete and complete tasks to keep your future inbox free and clear.
  • Timeline shift? Trigger a selection of followups to send now.

Bulk actions help you schedule followups carefree, knowing you can always find, cancel, and reschedule them with ease. Controlling your future inbox has never been more efficient.

Improved Followup Editing

Our new editing features let you take control over every aspect of your future followups, including:

  • Managing future recipients
  • Managing non-recipients (people linked with followup, but who will not receive the reminder).
  • Adding attachments
  • Quickly editing task contents
  • Previewing future followups

Curate your future inbox by giving yourself and others exactly the right data at the right moment.


  • Send your team a recurring reminder with essential policies, helping them to keep these top of mind.
  • Link an existing followup to a new person to surface it when viewing other followups from them.
  • Add notes to a future reminder.

Faster, Better Design

As you explore these improvements, you will find pages loading more quickly, better fonts, icons, and general design improvements. We hope this makes the experience of managing your future followups more fun and efficient.

We're hiring: Join a small, remote team with a quickly evolving product and an exciting roadmap. We're looking for a jack-of-all-trades Product Manager to help us build the future of FollowUpThen. Modest salary, great stock options. The future is bright! Email

As always, hit reply with any feedback. What stands out? What is missing? We'd love to hear from you!

Published by Reilly Sweetland

Founder of FollowUpThen (YC S17). Likes productivity, efficiency, React, Node, and all things followed-up upon.