People, Delayed Sending, Bulk Actions, Performance Improvements and More

Our latest release to FollowUpThen V3 includes some of our most-requested features, performance improvements, and new ways to optimize your working relationships. Request an invitation to the beta here! People Personal reminders are handy – remembering to pay bills, adopting a new habit, and sending yourself inspirational quotes can make your day better. But in a […]

Make Time for Now

Some moments are more important than others – despite the messages in our inbox, the demands on our time and requests from colleagues. These moments still come, and they go. FollowUpThen can be used for many things, but one of the most powerful may simply be this: Making time for things that matter. For the next […]

FollowUpThen 3.0 Preview

Summary: Skip ahead to the “Skills” section for screenshots and highlights, request an invitation to the private beta here or continue reading for the full backstory of the new FollowUpThen. We can’t wait to show you the new FollowUpThen. It is the product of years of feedback, dozens of productivity insights and a long journey […]

Use-Case: Dating and Relationships

If you talk to someone over some period of time, you’ll find yourself with this thing called a “relationship”. Relationships take many forms and range widely in complexity, intimacy and depth. Regardless, all of them boil down to a few essential elements which include communication over some period of time. The other day I found […]

Introducing Recurring Tasks ✔

Tasks (ex: are email reminders that continue follow up until they are explicitly marked as completed.  We’re happy announce that recurring tasks are now supported. For example: “Pay phone bill” “Prepare taxes” “Make New Year’s Resolutions” Free accounts can schedule up to 3 tasks per month. Premium accounts get unlimited tasks, […]

User Story: Julie – Author, Speaker, Executive Coach

FollowUpThen helps me clear our my mental space to focus on important projects while capturing other important and creative ideas. – Julie Cohen This post marks the beginning of a new theme for our blog: user stories. FollowUpThen is such a flexible system, and there are so many ways to use it. Rather than hearing tips […]

Introducing the New FollowUpThen Referral Program

  Help your friends and co-workers start 2016 on the right foot by introducing them to FollowUpThen. Anyone who signs up from your link gets a $5 credit toward a premium subscription. And, when they become a paying customer, you get a $5 on your account as well! Visit your settings page to find a brand new affiliate section, complete with your very […]