User Story: Julie – Author, Speaker, Executive Coach

FollowUpThen helps me clear our my mental space to focus on important projects while capturing other important and creative ideas. – Julie Cohen This post marks the beginning of a new theme for our blog: user stories. FollowUpThen is such a flexible system, and there are so many ways to use it. Rather than hearing tips […]

Introducing the New FollowUpThen Referral Program

  Help your friends and co-workers start 2016 on the right foot by introducing them to FollowUpThen. Anyone who signs up from your link gets a $5 credit toward a premium subscription. And, when they become a paying customer, you get a $5 on your account as well! Visit your settings page to find a brand new affiliate section, complete with your very […]

More Customization

Customize FollowUpThen to fit your workflow. New customization options, better documentation. Default Options With the addition of one tiny input box on our settings page, we opened up a huge range of possibilities for customizing FollowUpThen to fit your workflow. This new field on your settings page lets you apply an option to every followup […]