More Customization

Customize FollowUpThen to fit your workflow.
New customization options, better documentation.

Default Options

With the addition of one tiny input box on our settings page, we opened up a huge range of possibilities for customizing FollowUpThen to fit your workflow.

This new field on your settings page lets you apply an option to every followup scheduled.
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Following Up With Others: New, Improved and Improving!

Productive Teams

Scheduling followups for yourself is great. But being able to quickly set followup reminders for others can mean huge productivity gains.

And so, we've decided it was time to make some improvements to how the 'cc' feature works.

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Delegate Tasks by Email

Who says email makes a bad to-do list? ...or a bad project management system?

Email is still the fastest way to delegate a task. It may not work quite as well as a project project management system or to-do list. But it's fast, it works, it's mobile and, hey, you were already in your email, so why not fire off that simple request.

The problem is that once you hit 'send', there is no way of tracking whether it gets done! Unless, of course, you enter it in your calendar, project management system, to-do list, or [insert overly-complex external system here].

Now, tracking email-delegated tasks can be done within seconds

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One Million and Counting

Last month, while none of us we're looking, we passed 1,000,000 followups scheduled. Just writing that sounds crazy. When Reilly and I first built FollowUpThen, we had no idea it'd have such an impact.

While it was rewarding building something for ourselves that we loved using, the real reward is hearing from our users how much they love it.

To every one of you who has taken the time out of your day to provide feedback, report a bug or just give us a simple thumbs up, thank you. Seriously, your feedback, comments and questions have been invaluable.

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Win an iPad 3: Tell your best FollowUpThen Story

The contest has ended! Congratulations to Lee Roy for submitting the winning story.

The New iPad 3

Yes, an iPad 3. Retina display. 4G network. Blazing fast speeds. And yours for free!

So how does this work?

This contest was inspired by a fish – by the name of Nerry. He gets fed every night because of a FollowUpThen SMS reminder sent to my phone...and only because
of a FollowUpThen reminder. Yes, this little guy owes his life to FollowUpThen.

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Evernote Hack – Note Reminders!

UPDATE – May 28th, 2014: Evernote has since add their own simple reminder system. FollowUpThen, however, gives you far more flexibility on your note reminders. For example, schedule recurring reminders on Evernote notes, SMS reminders for urgent matters task reminders when you need to make sure something gets done regarding a note, and viewing these reminders on a calendar so you can plan ahead. This an old hack but still one our most popular!

Evernote Logo

Many of our users are no strangers to Evernote.

As the iconic elephant in their logo suggests, the system acts as an extension of your memory – allowing you to photograph receipts, take pictures of documents, jot down meeting notes complete with geo-coordinates and more.

However, there is a shortcoming with Evernote: while it can store and "remember" everything, it cannot actually remind you of important notes.

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New: A Proper Login System

How is this news, you might be asking? Don't all web services have logins? Well, if you've used FollowUpThen before, you might be aware that we never ask you to set up a password. Instead, to access your account, you had to enter your email address, then receive an email with a temporary secure access link. This worked well for awhile, but we felt it was time to grow up and join the rest of the internet with a standard username/password system so you can quickly access your account.

The first time you attempt to login, you'll be prompted to set your password. After that, accessing your followups and account settings should be much easier.

Thanks to all of you who clamored for this feature.

Many more updates to come soon.

Now what are you waiting for, login to your account!

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Progress Update / New York Times

We have been busy working on some "plumbing" to allow us to develop features
more quickly and efficiently. For the latest updates, check out our twitter
account @followupthen. This blog is reserved for longer
descriptions of things and special news – like maybe
getting written up in the New York Times
or something : )

Thanks, by the way, to our users for that. I know that one (or more) of you tipped them off!

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