One Million and Counting

Last month, while none of us we’re looking, we passed 1,000,000 followups scheduled. Just writing that sounds crazy. When Reilly and I first built FollowUpThen, we had no idea it’d have such an impact.

While it was rewarding building something for ourselves that we loved using, the real reward is hearing from our users how much they love it.

To every one of you who has taken the time out of your day to provide feedback, report a bug or just give us a simple thumbs up, thank you. Seriously, your feedback, comments and questions have been invaluable.

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New: A Proper Login System

How is this news, you might be asking? Don’t all web services have logins? Well, if you’ve used FollowUpThen before, you might be aware that we never ask you to set up a password. Instead, to access your account, you had to enter your email address, then receive an email with a temporary secure access link. This worked well for awhile, but we felt it was time to grow up and join the rest of the internet with a standard username/password system so you can quickly access your account.

The first time you attempt to login, you’ll be prompted to set your password. After that, accessing your followups and account settings should be much easier.

Thanks to all of you who clamored for this feature.

Many more updates to come soon.

Now what are you waiting for, login to your account!

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New design & more coming soon!

We are on the verge of releasing our biggest update to FollowUpThen to date! Before doing so, we wanted to give you an idea of some of things we have in store.

New Followup Design

We’ve decided to clean up our followup message. After a year of use it seemed like a good time for a design refresh, both for style and function purposes.

We spent a lot of time working to get things just right. We did our best to limit the vertical space the reminder takes up. As you can see, we’ve removed the large post-it note in place of a smaller Reminder stamp. The new followup message is also a lot more readable and can be easily skimmed for the most important data about the message.

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